SweatStop IXAL normalises excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis



Antiperspirant without aluminium

SweatStop® Medical Line IXAL Roll-on normalises excessive Sweating.

SweatStop®Medical Line IXAL Roll-on is recommended if you tend to sweat profusely with either constant sweating or outbreaks of perspiration, even without physical exertion. IXAL Roll-on normalises excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis and fights odour efficiently. Moreover, it is gentle to the skin and actively protects it. 

IXAL contains no aluminium!

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IXAL Antiperspirant Roll-on is based on a novel formulation with the patented compound of specific Fatty Acids F.A.G.®. It is innovative in particular: it reduces excessive perspiration and normalises sweat secretion in a natural and physiological way without sealing the pores of the sweat glands. Reducing dampness both reduces and delays the formation of bacteria that cause odour.
Regular use of IXAL Antiperspirant Roll-on antiperspirant also has a positive effect on the condition of the skin. This is due to F.A.G.® that is able to restore the protective hydrolipidic film of the skin, which enables the skin to carry out its barrier function. The skin becomes softer because the lipids helps to repair all damages to the cell membranes.

A consumer survey with 120 people showed that sweating was reduced in 81% of users, and the skin under the armpits of 93% of users was noticeably smoother after just 15 days.*

IXAL Antiperspirant Roll-on is very well tolerated by the skin and also suited for sensitive skin. IXAL can also be used after hair removal in the armpits.

  • For men & women
  • Areas of application: Underarms
  • Slightly perfumed
  • Medical Device, class 1

Why IXAL Antiperspirant Roll-on?

  • Normalises sweating also when excessive without sealing the pores
  • Effectiveness proved, also against hyperhidrosis
  • Contains F.A.G.®, a worldwide patented compound of Fatty Acids
  • 0% aluminium
  • No deodorant stains on clothes
  • High skin tolerance, no burning or itching. Can also be used after hair removal in the armpits
  • Improves the skin condition: protects, nourishes & softens the skin
  • Vegan


Apply a thin layer 3 times daily to the dried skin. After improvement of the condition, the application can be reduced to twice daily and with further improvement to one time daily in the morning.


Do not use on open wounds. Use only on undamaged skin.

*Consumer Study

1. Did you sweat less?


2. Did you observe skin irritation?


3. Would you buy such an antiperspirant?


Data Collection:

  • Participants: People going to the gym
  • Degree of sweating: Normal to heavy
  • Daily use: 1,4 times on average
  • Duration of usage: 3 months, April until August 2017
  • Number of participants: 120
  • Male / Female ratio: 109 women / 11 men
  • Average age: 37,07

Study conducted by Bio Basic Europe S.R.L

Antitranspirant ohne Aluminium

How does IXAL work?

The excessive stimulation of the sweat glands causes a loss of water, thus triggering a process of alteration of the micro-environment with a depletion of specific fatty acids. Once these are replaced, the micro-environment can be re-balanced and excessive sweating can be reduced and controlled in a physiological way. Reduced sweating also leads to a reduced formation of bad odour. All this is possible through a patented compound of specific Fatty Acids called F.A.G.®, which is able to gradually reduce the abnormal sweating biologically.

The skin condition is also improved because the specific Fatty Acids contained in the patented compound F.A.G.® help to repair the outer layer (membrane phospholipids) of cells.

With F.A.G.® (Fatty Acids Group) a major breakthrough in the research has succeeded in controlling the micro environment hyper activation. It is now possible to immediately modulate and re-balance this process (and therefore also excessive sweat secretion) in a physiological way.